One building can be the catalyst in the revitalization of a once grand and lively theater and arts district.

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We Are

We are problem solvers, transforming communities through design.
We focus on:

Art & Culture

Thriving communities depend upon the arts for their cultural vitality. Cho Benn Holback strives to create transformational places that bring people together for learning, conversation, beauty and joy.

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Educational environments should be friendly spaces which encourage interaction and learning both inside and outside the formal classroom. Cho Benn Holback makes the most of opportunities for existing and new facilities to transform the campus setting.

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Successful community gathering spaces draw on a neighborhood’s social heritage. Cho Benn Holback, in partnership with community stakeholders, enriches the context with welcoming and authentic places and buildings.

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Housing design should inspire pride in its residents - no matter what their circumstances. Cho Benn Holback believes that if you invest in changing people’s living environment, they will take better care of it, defend it for the good of the community, and give back as good neighbors.

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Commercial enterprises strengthen connections to their consumers with exciting and thought-provoking design. Cho Benn Holback creates mixed use environments which become the markets and meeting places of this new economy.

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Vibrant environments for living, working and learning are created by sensitive designs that reinforce the existing context. Cho Benn Holback's deep experience with all types, ages, and conditions of facilities informs our planning at every level.

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Meaningful Collaboration

We pride ourselves on our listening skills and approach to solving our client’s problems with solutions born from our collaborative process.
There’s no need to take our word for it.

...the energy and enthusiasm exhibited by your team of architects and engineers as they encountered and creatively solved the myriad of challenges clearly confirmed to us that the right team had been chosen for this project.

Terence J. Morse, PE, Assistant Director for A&E Services

University of Baltimore
Liberal Arts and Policy Building

Culture of Creativity