The Pilot School

CBH+A designed a new academic campus and 88,000 SF building for the Pilot School on a beautiful site adjoining the Brandywine valley. The new school footprint conserves land while reaching out to enhance views and is designed to achieve LEED Silver certification for its sustainable initiatives.

Pilot School
Wilmington, DE
On the Boards

This independent day school provides individualized instruction for children with language-based learning problems. The program includes classrooms for the lower, middle, and upper divisions; an athletic complex with gym and swimming pool; arts and multi-purpose spaces; and a library, offices and therapy facilities.

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  1. Many views were studied while we were designing the school to ensure that public areas like this amphitheater balance light, views, and scale.
  2. The compact campus is arranged to provide for the tightly organized school, drop-off and parking, athletic fields, playground and creative stormwater/landscape treatment.